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June 28th, 2022

Liberals continue to fail to fulfill climate promises

NDP environment and climate change critic, Laurel Collins and NDP natural resources critic, Charlie Angus, made the following joint statement:

"We are in a climate emergency and the Liberals continue to break their commitments to making a cleaner world. They promised in 2016 to bring in stronger emissions and fuel standards on gasoline and diesel. And they keep delaying and denying their obligation to act. This is another free pass to the big oil lobby.

The Clean Fuel Standard is just one of many commitments that the Liberals have made to cut greenhouse gases but have not followed through on in the urgent way the climate crisis demands.

This is a pattern Canadians now expect from the Liberals with their climate commitments – they promise to fight the climate crisis but then they buy pipelines or delay plans to let rich oil and gas companies make record profits. All at the expense of Canadians.

New Democrats know that we need to act quickly to fight the climate emergency. That’s why we have been urging the government to end fossil fuel subsidies and create a just transition that helps workers. Just weeks ago, the Liberals and Conservatives teamed up and refused to stop giving billions of dollars to rich oil and gas companies. Again, we are urging the Liberal government to stop helping corporations, while families face the climate crisis. The NDP won’t give up the fight for hardworking Canadians. We will keep fighting for a more secure, safer and greener future for Canadians.”