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March 6th, 2014

Conservatives move shut down debate, again – this time to try and disrupt testimony they don’t like at committee

The Conservatives again broke their own record for shutting down debate by using Time Allocation for the 52nd and 53rd time. Add this to the six uses of closure, the most recent being to shut down debate on Brad Butt’s lies to the House of Commons, and you have 59 instances and counting of the Conservatives shutting down debate.

In their latest attempt to evade accountability on the Unfair Elections Act, Conservatives are using dirty tricks in the House of Commons to sabotage the testimony of Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand.

Conservatives had agreed to hear from the Chief Electoral Officer, but then turned around and started playing games and doing everything they can to disrupt Marc Mayrand’s testimony on this important bill.

The Conservatives proposed bill makes radical changes to the Elections Act and could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Canadians. The bill also targets the Chief Electoral Officer, reducing his powers and forbidding him in the future from educating and engaging Canadians about the importance of voting.

Canadians deserve better.