Pink Shirt Day

NDP Youth Critic Anne Minh-Thu Quach made the following statement on Pink Shirt Day:

New Democrats welcome the landmark ruling in favour of the Sixties Scoop survivors

After eight years of litigation, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice made a landmark decision in favour of the 16,000 Indigenous children in Ontario.

Canada’s top CEOs earn 193 times the average person’s salary

Yet every year, the federal government loses $100 billion dollars to loopholes, deductions, exemptions and rebates that mostly benefit the wealthy.

New Democrats join Canadians in celebrating Black History Month

Multiculturalism critic Rachel Blaney made the following statement on Black History Month:

4 concrete ways Canada can help refugees left behind by Trump’s ban

NDP proposes measures to help those targeted by the US administration’s deeply misguided policy

New Democrats propose new pathways to citizenship, reject trumped-up rhetoric on immigration

Conservative leadership candidates continue to import anti-immigration sentiments from south of the boarder

NDP seeks to ban cash-for-access fundraisers

Proposed legislation would put Liberal ethics “rules” into law

New Democrats help clear path towards a fair voting system

Historic report finds broad consensus, recommends proportional representation

‘They were misled’: Mulcair says Kinder Morgan decision breaks the trust of British Columbians

Liberals approve pipeline under Stephen Harper’s broken review process—despite a promise not to

What they’re saying: NDP work on electoral reform “may one day be seen as historic”

New Democrats working to build consensus and deliver the fair voting system Canadians want and deserve

Canadians are tired of establishment economics and unfair trade deals

Tracey Ramsey says Ottawa needs to revisit our approach to free trade after the US election results

New Democrats receive top honours at Maclean’s 2016 Parliamentarians of the Year Awards

Tom Mulcair and Nathan Cullen recognized, while former leader Ed Broadbent given lifetime achievement award