Pink Shirt Day

NDP Youth Critic Anne Minh-Thu Quach made the following statement on Pink Shirt Day:

New Democrats welcome the landmark ruling in favour of the Sixties Scoop survivors

After eight years of litigation, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice made a landmark decision in favour of the 16,000 Indigenous children in Ontario.

Canada’s top CEOs earn 193 times the average person’s salary

Yet every year, the federal government loses $100 billion dollars to loopholes, deductions, exemptions and rebates that mostly benefit the wealthy.

New Democrats join Canadians in celebrating Black History Month

Multiculturalism critic Rachel Blaney made the following statement on Black History Month:

The Inbox

Electoral reform is a big issue right now – how can we ensure every vote is counted equally, no matter who you vote for?


In the last two elections, our outdated voting system allowed a party to win 100% of the power with just 39% of the vote. As a result, millions of votes effectively didn’t count and too many Canadian voices aren’t heard in Ottawa. We talked to tens of thousands of Canadians over the summer and you told us you want a proportional voting system that reflects how Canadians actually voted. It’s pretty simple: if a party gets 39% of the vote, they should get 39% of the seats in our Parliament.