Read what they’re saying about the first leadership debate

Here’s what the political pundits are saying about the debate:

New Democrats fight for gender equity

Here are 10 things New Democrats are doing to make a real difference in the lives of women and girls:

Liberals must address tax fairness now

NDP announces opposition motion to tackle tax havens, loopholes and giveaways that benefit the wealthy. 

The Inbox

Electoral reform is a big issue right now – how can we ensure every vote is counted equally, no matter who you vote for?


In the last two elections, our outdated voting system allowed a party to win 100% of the power with just 39% of the vote. As a result, millions of votes effectively didn’t count and too many Canadian voices aren’t heard in Ottawa. We talked to tens of thousands of Canadians over the summer and you told us you want a proportional voting system that reflects how Canadians actually voted. It’s pretty simple: if a party gets 39% of the vote, they should get 39% of the seats in our Parliament.