October 13th, 2015

What they’re saying about Tom Mulcair’s plan:

JOEL PLASKETT, CANADIAN MUSICIAN: “Used to try and keep my politics to myself but not in this election. The NDP has my vote …”

RACHEL NOTLEY, PREMIER OF ALBERTA "The climate change plan set out … by federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair will get us there, which is why I strongly support it.”

STEPHEN LEWIS, FORMER UN AMBASSADOR “For the first time in our history, Canadians can elect a truly progressive federal government – one that ensures no one is left behind.”

CHIEF PERRY BELLEGARDE, ASSEMBLY OF FIRST NATIONS “The NDP platform is a comprehensive response to our ‘closing the gap’ agenda.”

LINDA SILAS, CANADIAN FEDERATION OF NURSES “The NDP has listened to the concerns of Canadians and health care professionals and has shown it is willing to act on health care.”

PETER KELEGHAN, CANADIAN ACTOR “Tom will be a Prime Minister Canada can finally be proud of.”

OPEN MEDIA, PARTY REPORT CARD " ... NDP came top of class, while the Liberal Party had a mixed performance, receiving a ‘C’ grade overall. The Conservatives came bottom of the class...”

MARTHA FRIENDLY, CHILDCARE RESEARCHER “As a long-time childcare advocate and policy researcher, I’m delighted with the federal NDP’s childcare platform.”

RAYMOND LOUIE, FCM PRESIDENT "The NDP's detailed plan will grow the economy, create local jobs and improve the quality of life for Canadians in communities of all sizes.”

MIKE LAYTON, TORONTO CITY COUNCILLOR “With Tom Mulcair, the Canada of our dreams – of my father’s dreams – that Canada is within reach.”

SUSAN ENG, CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED PERSONS "Increase in GIS and returning the OAS eligibility age back to 65 will bring real relief for the very poorest seniors and will go a long way to lifting every Canadian senior out of poverty.