September 10th, 2015

NDP REALITY CHECK: Trudeau Liberals prefer scoring political points than helping parents with affordable, quality childcare

After failing to keep their promise to implement a childcare plan, Liberals are now launching false attacks on Tom Mulcair for his concrete plan to create thousands of quality, affordable childcare spaces.

The NDP plan funds 123,000 in 2016-17; and fully implemented will ensure one million spaces.

Tom Mulcair will deliver a Canada-wide program where parents pay no more than $15 a day.

Here’s what the leading experts have said about Tom Mulcair’s plan:

Martha Friendly – leading childcare advocate and Executive Director of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit:

“As a long-time childcare advocate and policy researcher, I’m delighted with the federal NDP’s childcare platform. It clearly sets out how to get moving toward the national, high-quality ECEC program young families so critically need.”

Pierre Fortin, Professor of Economics at the University of Québec at Montréal:

“The argument can no longer be that governments cannot afford it. This program is paying for itself. It is self-financing.”

Liberals promised a childcare program in their 1993 Red Book, again in 1997, again in 2000 and once again in 2004.

A child born the year Liberals first promised a childcare plan has now graduated university.

Now, in 2015, the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau is denigrating a concrete plan for affordable childcare in order to score cheap political points.

Perhaps Justin Trudeau wants to distract from the fact his friend Paul Martin choose to spend billions on lowering taxes for profitable corporations instead of investing in quality childcare.

Middle-class parents deserve better than Justin Trudeau’s smears.