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Young people shouldn’t start out with a mountain of debt

Jagmeet and the NDP will eliminate interest on student loans right away – so young Canadians can stop worrying about the future and start building a good life now.

Across Canada, students and their families are stressed about the rising cost of tuition. Young people are being forced to take on mountains of debt to go to college or university that will take years to pay off.

After their undergrad degree, a student with debt owes $27,000 on average.

And with many young people working in precarious or low-paying jobs while trying to make rent, buy medications, and pay their cell phone bills, it’s nearly impossible to focus on the future when paying off the past.

No young person should have to start out their life under a mountain of debt. That’s why Jagmeet Singh and our NDP MPs are fighting to support young Canadians with student debt relief, working towards free tuition, and making sure the government isn’t choosing billion dollar tax breaks for mega corporations over students trying to get an education.

Justin Trudeau promised he’d do something about it – but instead of helping young people, the Liberals took $3 billion from them in interest payments over the last four years. Canadians deserve a government that won’t make a profit off their debt.

We’re fighting to put an immediate stop to interest on federal student loans – and provide relief for every student and graduate repaying a loan. That means a recent graduate with a $20,000 loan will save $5,000. And while we work towards free tuition for Canadians, cost should never be a barrier to getting a quality education, or to building a good life.

Help us provide relief for young Canadians – add your name to support our fight for young people.

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