March 15th, 2017

Read what they’re saying about the first leadership debate

On Sunday, four candidates took to the stage in an exciting kick-off leadership debate. With an audience of 1,000 people in Ottawa and thousands more online, the candidates engaged New Democrats in their vision for the future of the party.

Here’s what the political pundits are saying about the debate:

“[The Candidates]… set the stage for their respective campaigns during a civil debate that offered as much opportunity for policy and political discussions as it did for personal insights… The consensus among candidates for a need to connect to Canadians was one of several points of agreement – others included the fact that climate change and income inequality are the two most pressing issues facing the country.”
Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press

"The often lively and even, at times, lighthearted first debate of the race… must have landed as a disappointment to the NDP’s adversaries.”
John Geddes, Maclean’s 

"The main target of the event was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a man each candidate… accused of campaigning as a progressive politician and then governing from the right.”
Alex Ballingall, The Toronto Star

"It is possible, based on the early evidence, to imagine any of the four on the NDP stage leading a united party against the Liberals in the next campaign.”
Chantal Hébert, The Toronto Star

Find out more about each candidate and RSVP to the March 26 debate in Montreal here: