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It’s time for a Seniors Care Guarantee

The COVID-19 crisis shows how desperately we need to improve long-term care in Canada. We need to act now.

Communities across the country are flattening the curve — but many of our most vulnerable citizens living in long-term care centres are tragically affected. Over 80% of COVID-19 deaths are happening in long-term care. This is one of the highest proportions in the world.

The situation is so bad that the army had to be called in to care for seniors. Long-term care in Canada has long been underfunded and understaffed — and the federal government has allowed this to happen. Without national standards, the government is leaving the door open for for-profit companies to cut corners and put profit first — at the expense of the people we love.

Seniors deserve better, period. The NDP is calling on all parties to come together and implement a Seniors Care Guarantee:

  • A promise to seniors that they will have safe, dignified care - both at home and in care homes - available to them as they age.
  • A promise to families that they will know their loved ones will have the care they deserve, with inspections, appropriate levels of care and staff ratios.
  • A promise to workers that wages will reflect the value of their work and allow them to live in dignity without having to work multiple jobs. And a promise that, at work, they will have access to protective equipment and safe working conditions.
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