April 27th, 2017

Governments must put people at the heart of their decisions

On April 22, NDP President Marit Stiles updated Ontario NDP convention delegates on the great work at the federal level since the 2016 Edmonton Convention.

Under her leadership and aided by the arrival of Robert Fox, the new National Director, Stiles highlighted the Party’s renewal process is on track.

“We are hiring more organizers – thanks to your generous donations! We are strengthening and growing cooperation between the federal and provincial parties. We are systematically addressing the issues raised in our review of the last campaign.”

Ms. Stiles expressed her pride in the NDP leadership race, which has kicked into high gear. She noted the “bold” and “innovative” leadership selection process will keep things interesting right up to the end this fall.

“With amazing leadership candidates signed on and – each and every one of them – READY to take on Justin Trudeau and become Prime Minister of our country. Our team is strong. Our candidates are a force to be reckoned with.”

Noting two pivotal moments in the race will take place in Ontario – a debate in Sudbury on May 28 and the showcase event in Toronto on September 17 – she encouraged members to organize debate watching parties and invite leadership candidates into their communities.

Highlighting the work of the federal caucus to hold the Trudeau government to account, Ms. Stiles pointed out the Liberals’ failure to deliver on their electoral promises is starting to affect public opinion.

“[L]et me tell you the same anger and disappointment with the provincial Liberals here and in BC is creeping across the country. Election promise after promise has been revealed as a sham. Promises to First Nations people and particularly – shamefully – to Indigenous youth. Promises to reform our electoral system. Combined with a deep sense of entitlement that seeps out into everything this Prime Minister and his cabinet does.”

She also thanked Tom Mulcair for his leadership - and his grace and commitment in this transition - and congratulated him on being named Maclean's Parliamentarian of the Year.

Ms. Stiles ended her speech with a rallying cry for future elections, both provincially and federally:

The fact is, friends, one of the best things we all can do to help our federal party win in 2019 is to win here in Ontario! We need to show Canadians that it’s possible to have a government – like our government in Alberta – that puts people right at the heart of every decision and gives everyone an equal chance.”

Her message to members was one of optimism about the future.