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Demand that Justin Trudeau stop taking Indigenous kids to court

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal found that Trudeau’s Liberal government discriminated against Indigenous kids – and knew about it. But Justin Trudeau keeps trying to fight it. Add your name to join our fight for justice and compensation for Indigenous kids.

After years of underfunding schools and ignoring the needs and safety of Indigenous youth and kids in care, Justin Trudeau continues to hide behind his empty promises to Indigenous kids – and is taking them to court.

Canadian courts ruled that Justin Trudeau “willfully and recklessly” discriminated against Indigenous kids.

And appeal after appeal by the Liberals is forcing Indigenous kids, their families, and entire communities to fight a costly and heartbreaking legal battle.

While Justin Trudeau keeps trying to fight the ruling, Indigenous kids continue to face huge gaps in funding to their education, school and homes infested with dangerous mould, and unsafe drinking water for many communities across the country. Enough is enough.

That’s why Jagmeet Singh and our NDP MPs are standing up to the discriminatory practices of Trudeau’s Liberal government and demanding that they stop taking Indigenous kids to court. We’re making this appeal a priority in parliament – so Indigenous kids won’t have to fight any longer for the compensation and respect they deserve.

It’s time for Canada to support Indigenous communities with respect and real action. And that means having leaders who don’t just say the right things but actually do them.

We have an opportunity to support the Indigenous leaders of tomorrow and build respectful, lasting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Add your name today.

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