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It’s time for a national dental plan that covers everyone

Dental health is a key part of our health, yet 6 million Canadians avoid going to the dentist every year because of cost.

No one should have to deal with excruciating dental pain. But 6.5 millions of Canadians don’t have any coverage at all – and they’re risking permanent damage and lifelong pain.

Young people, low-wage and precarious workers, and seniors are being hit the hardest with little to no insurance coverage – and no way to get the care they need.

Because of the pandemic – 2 million more Canadians will have access to the dental care program (PBO estimation).

That’s why Jagmeet and our NDP MPs are fighting for a national dental care plan that will give coverage to 6.5 million Canadians who are uninsured – right away – so that everyone can have a healthy smile.

Good dental health can impact a person’s entire well-being – but Justin Trudeau has refused to consider moving forward a national dental care plan.

We’re fighting for a national dental plan that covers preventative care like cleanings and restorative care like fixing cavities – and that will help families get the care they need when they need it.

We want to provide dental coverage for uninsured families making less than $90,000. Our program would save households at least $1,200 annually.

Add your name to help us fight for a national dental care plan for every Canadian.

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