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It’s time for urgent action on climate change now.

We’re in a climate crisis and Canadians are paying the price.

Families are losing their homes to flooding, farmers are losing crops to extreme weather conditions, and more and more kids are suffering from asthma and other illnesses because of pollution.

Canadians deserve leaders who will fight to protect our families and our planet. There is no other choice.

Justin Trudeau promised to do something about the climate crisis – but he gave out huge fossil fuel subsidies, and spent billions buying the outdated and leaky Trans Mountain pipeline. And the Liberals aren’t even on track to meet the inadequate emission reduction targets that Stephen Harper set.

Canadians should be able to count on their government to have the courage to do the right thing on climate change, while creating good jobs, and making life more affordable for Canadians. It’s clear our communities are paying the price for inaction – and we can’t afford to wait any longer to tackle climate change.

We're committed to supporting Indigenous leadership in climate action, respect for Indigenous rights, and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous communities are on the front lines, dealing with the impacts of climate change every day, and are best placed to protect cultural and biological diversity through control over their territory. Working together with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis as full and equal partners is critical to the fight against climate change.

Jagmeet and our NDP team are determined to fight climate change and create at least 300,000 new jobs while saving families money, and taking on big polluters. The time for delay and denial is over – it’s time to act. Add your name now and support our fight against climate change.

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