It’s time for a tax system focused on fairness

Add your name to Jagmeet’s call to action for Prime Minister Trudeau

Inequality is on the rise in Canada and those at the top have no idea what life is like for most Canadian families.

Only two days into 2018, and the top-paid Canadian CEOs have already earned more than millions of hard-working Canadians will take home in a full year.

This is both unfair and damaging to the country’s economy.

It will take strong political will to reverse the trend of rising inequality, which began decades ago and has continued under both Conservative and Liberal governments.

That’s why Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, has called on Justin Trudeau to act, in a recently published op-ed.

Add your name and help send a message to the Prime Minister that Canadians have had enough of our unfair tax system.