Lapsed funding is robbing Canada’s veterans

New Democrats are calling on the Liberal government to ensure money budgeted for vets is actually spent on vets – add your name to support our motion:

Too many veterans aren’t able to access the services they need. But instead of fixing the cuts that Conservatives made to veterans’ services and benefits, they’re shortchanging veterans – by leaving $372 million that’s been set aside for veterans unspent.

Veterans often have to wait 6 months before they’re told whether they will receive the benefits they rightly deserve. And the Liberal government is failing to meet half of the 24 service standards for veterans – standards they set for themselves.

It's wrong to make our veterans wait for services, and even worse that they’re being short-changed by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our veterans deserve better, and Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are calling on all parties to do the right thing and vote in favour of our motion to end lapsed funding to veterans now.

Add your name to help us send a message that veterans deserve a solution now.