June 22nd, 2016

Top 10 ways the NDP put Canadians first

During this first session of Parliament, the NDP has shown it is the only party Canadians can trust to fight for fairness and stand up for them.

  1. Pay equity: The NDP succeeded in getting Parliament to recognize pay equity as a human right and the governments’ agreement to introduce pay equity legislation.
  2. Democratic reform: When talks to fix our electoral system were going nowhere, the NDP secured a fair process that represents all parties - giving every Canadian a voice at the table.
  3. Hard-hit workers: The NDP helped pressure the government to extend EI benefits to Canadians in hard-hit regions in Western Canada.
  4. First Nations: The NDP successfully secured new investment in mental health services for First Nations communities and continued to champion the call of First Nation youth for government action.
  5. Charter rights: When the law on assisted dying was deemed unconstitutional by experts and courts across Canada, the NDP proposed clear solutions to fix it and protect Canadians’ rights.
  6. Good jobs: When the Liberals moved to allow the outsourcing of aerospace jobs by Air Canada, the NDP fought hard to keep good jobs in Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.
  7. Dairy farmers: The NDP fought for dairy producers by pushing to ban the unfair use of imported American milk proteins that cost Canadian farmers over $200 million a year.
  8. Marijuana: While the Liberals drag their feet on marijuana legalization, the NDP pushed to immediately decriminalize pot so that no Canadian is ever again burdened with a criminal record for personal use.
  9. Tax evasion: With revelations of widespread abuse of tax havens, the NDP put hardworking Canadians ahead of the wealthy and well-connected by spearheading parliamentary hearings and pushing for a public inquiry.
  10. Environment: New Democrats continue to demand Liberals keep their promise to fix environmental assessments so that Canadians can be heard, their concerns addressed and communities protected.


  1. Trade: The NDP continues to oppose bad trade deals like the TPP that hurt Canadian jobs and innovation while selling out our healthcare, cultural industry and environment.