Shut down US Interference and Foreign Financing of the “Freedom Convoy”

A financing campaign led by organizers who promote racism and hate is fueling the occupation in Ottawa with much of it coming from the US. We need to shut it down..

Foreign funds are being collected on platforms that have been used by terrorist organizations.

    The Ottawa Police Services have indicated they believe the occupation of Ottawa is being funded by anonymous foreign donations from the United States. The Texas Attorney General has said that he will do everything he can to make sure US citizens will be able to continue to fund this occupation, whose organizers have a stated goal of overthrowing our government with their own government undemocratically.

    Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Fox News and members of the US Alt-right have also endorsed the convoy.

    Currently, members of the convoy are utilizing fundraising platforms that have been used by terrorist organizations, including the Proud Boys.

    This is a clear threat to our democracy.

    These donations are being used for an occupation connected to a prominent organizer who has expressed unacceptable white supremacist views and has said "the only way that this is going to be solved is with bullets" .

    Nazi swastikas, Three Percenters signs – a recognized terrorist entity – and other hateful messages have also been present. And, the police have raised serious safety concerns regarding evidence of arms and weapons on site.

    Local citizens are being harassed at their homes, spit on, children and pets are scared of the bombardment of noise throughout the night. Health care workers and employees of local businesses have also been assaulted as well as reports of an attempt to burn down a residential building.

    It is time for national leadership – the federal government must contact the US administration to shut down funding coming from the US.

    Add your name to protect our democracy by shutting down the flow of foreign funding coming from the US.

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