Canada Must Ban BJP officials who have called for Genocide

Tell Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to protect the human rights of minorities in India.

With the rise in human rights violations of minorities in India, it’s time Justin Trudeau stands up for human rights.

    The ongoing reports of violations of civil liberties and human rights in India is deeply concerning. Deteriorating human rights conditions, a growing number of anti-Muslim and Islamophobic hate crimes, and abuse towards minorities – including Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Dalits, members of the LGBTQ community, women and Indigenous (Adivasi) peoples – are unacceptable.

    India’s BJP government bears responsibility for ensuring respect for human rights and civil liberties of all Indian citizens. Canada must strongly condemn India’s discriminatory anti-minority laws, its threats of ethnic cleansing, the persecution of minorities, and the arrests of journalists and human rights activists.

    The Liberal government must ban entry to BJP officials from India who have called for racist and genocidal violence against Muslims, Sikhs and other minorities in India.  Canada should reject any G20 activities planned in Kashmir and refuse to attend while these human rights abuses continue.

    Tell Justin Trudeau and the Liberals: Canada must take a stronger position on human rights violations in India.

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