Tell Conservatives: Hands off Canadians’ Pensions!

Danielle Smith wants to pull Alberta out of the Canada Pension Plan. Pierre Poilievre wants to cut the CPP entirely.

New Democrats have put forward a bill to protect workers’ pensions against Danielle Smith’s reckless plan to pull Alberta out of the CPP. Stand with us as we fight for retirement security for seniors across Canada.

    Conservatives are all the same. They want to give more money to the Big Bosses and leave workers behind.

    No one should have to worry about living their retirement years in poverty. But when Pierre Poilievre was first elected as Leader of the Conservative Party, one of his first ideas was to cut the Canada Pension Plan – the same plan that many hardworking Canadians and seniors depend on for retirement security.

    And Alberta Premier Danielle Smith wants to withdraw Albertans from the CPP altogether.

    But New Democrats are fighting back. NDP MP Heather McPherson is taking action with a bill to protect Canadian workers’ pensions from Conservative cuts. The bill would make it harder for Conservatives to cut Canadians’ pensions. It would require two thirds of provinces participating in the CPP to agree before any province could leave the federal pension program.

    With this bill, New Democrats are clear: hands off Canadians’ pensions!

    Albertans and Canadians have worked too hard to have their futures gambled away by Danielle Smith and Pierre Poilievre.

    Pensions belong to Canadian workers. While Conservatives work for the Big Bosses, New Democrats have workers’ backs.

    Add your name to tell Pierre Poilievre and Danielle Smith, hands off Canadians’ pensions.

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