It’s time for public, universal, comprehensive pharmacare for all

No one should have to choose between rent and medication. Add your name to support a pharmacare plan that leaves no one behind:

Nearly 2 million Canadians couldn’t afford to fill their prescriptions in the last year. And for many people that means more trips to the doctor or the hospital – hurting their health, and costing more in the long run.

And while 91% of Canadians believe no one should have to struggle to fill their prescription, the Liberals have made it clear that they won’t consider a plan that would cover every Canadian.

Their patchwork plan might be good for big pharmaceutical and insurance companies – but it won’t help everyday people.

New Democrats are fighting for a national pharmacare program that will cover everyone equally, strengthen our public health care, and save money at the same time. Add your name to help us push for pharmacare that puts Canadians first. Add your name if you agree.