Canada's NDP

He promised to work towards pharmacare. But his government met with big pharmaceutical companies more than 650 times – and he’s broken his promise and abandoned Canadians struggling with the cost of prescription drugs.

He calls himself a climate leader, but he met with fossil fuel lobbyists more than 1500 times – and bought a pipeline.

He says you can trust him to lower your cell phone bills – but he’s met with telecom giants 550 times, and it’s clear he won’t stand up to them, either

Justin Trudeau has let down the people who voted for him. He says the right things but when it comes time to act, he sides with his ultra-rich friends over everyday people.

With Justin Trudeau, it’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t.

It’s time for a leader who won’t just say the right things, but will do them – learn more about our plan to make life more affordable for families, pharmacare that covers everyone, and 300,000 new, good jobs.