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August 18th, 2019

NDP: Much Remains to be Done to Defend the Rights of LGBTQI2S+ people

Before marching in the Montreal Pride Parade, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh issued the following statement:

"I am thrilled to participate once again in the Montreal Pride celebrations. I'm excited to walk the streets of Montreal alongside progressive Quebecers. Butdespite the progress made defending the rights of the LGBTQI2S+ community, much remains to be done to ensure people can live in an environment free of hatred and prejudice.

Justin Trudeau's Liberal government made many big promises but did not deliver. One of the most significant setbacks in the last few years was the Liberal government's decision to maintain the discriminatory ban on blood donation by men who have sex with anyone assigned male at birth.

A New Democrat government will end the discriminatory blood ban and put in place policies based on public health evidence to secure the blood supply.

In terms of sexual orientation and gender expression, it’s disconcerting to know that harmful practices like so-called "conversion therapies" still take place in Canada. These actions create nothing but prejudice, all while marginalizing acertain group of people.

The NDP is committed to developing a national action plan and working with the provinces to ban these "conversion therapies" for youth. We will always work towards creating a more inclusive world where all we are all free to affirm our identity and love who we love."