With the campaign around the corner, we want you on the team. Let us know you’re in:

With the election coming up fast, people are paying attention to the big ideas Jagmeet and our NDP Team are talking about.

Trudeau’s Liberal government has made it clear that they’ll side with their ultra-rich friends over everyday Canadians. And the Conservatives aren’t the answer – they keep telling people to solve the big problems we’re facing all on their own.

People are looking for leaders who will stand up to big corporations and push for bold ideas that will make life better for people.

We’re fighting for 500,000 new units of affordable housing, pharmacare that covers everyone and saves families $500 a year, and immediate action to protect our air and water and put a stop to the climate crisis.

With a critical election just a few months away, now is the time we can make a difference – but we need to know you’re with us. Join our campaign team by saying you’re in!

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