Canadians shouldn't have to compete with deep pocketed investors just to get a home

Let’s tackle the housing crisis built by Establishment Liberals and Corporate Conservatives so that it supports Canadians, not corporate landlords.

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    Affordable homes – for everyone.

    Everyone deserves the right to a safe and affordable place to call home. But for too many families, a home you can afford is increasingly out of reach, thanks to skyrocketing rents, renovictions and ballooning home prices.

    People are lying awake at night, worrying about how they can afford the monthly payment, as costs keep going up, but paycheques don’t. Inflation has only made things worse, with too many families struggling to make rent or mortgage payments.

    Establishment Liberals have allowed rich investors to use the housing market like a casino, and on top of that, the seven largest apartment-owning corporations in Canada have saved a combined $1.5 billion through federal tax loopholes.

    It shouldn't be this way.

    Under Justin Trudeau’s system, rich investors make up more than 20% of the housing market. After sitting on their hands for 7 years, it’s time the Liberals get serious about taxing corporate landlords who are making huge profits.

    Canadians shouldn't have to compete with deep-pocketed investors just to get a home.

    Join Jagmeet and the NDP by calling on the Establishment Liberals to:

    1. Prohibit the acquisition of affordable homes by REITs and other corporate landlords who are driving up costs through renovictions to make big profits
    2. Amend how predatory housing investment funds are taxed
    3. Block the monopolization of affordable rental units

    Everyone deserves an affordable place to call home. Add your name and take action now.

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