September 16th, 2015

A message from Tom: Our balanced plan

From a young age, my parents taught me to work hard, play by the rules and look after each other. Most of all, they taught me the importance of living within our means, and by our principles. These values guide Canadians across our great country everyday – and they are at the heart of who I am as a husband, a father, a grandfather and as a candidate for Prime Minister.

Canadians expect their Prime Minister to work hard to make life better for families.

But instead of helping the middle class, Stephen Harper has given wealthy Canadians a tax break with income splitting, which helps only 15% of Canadians. Instead of helping ensure every person can access health care when they need it, he has ignored the growing pressures on our hospitals and clinics. And instead of helping more people retire with security, Stephen Harper raised Old Age Security eligibility from 65 to 67.

Leadership is about choices. Mr. Harper has made it clear that his only focus is the bottom line. And Mr. Trudeau has chosen short-term thinking over long-term planning.

I will deliver on my commitments with a balanced approach. I will reduce the small business tax rate from 11% to 9%. And a small increase in the corporate tax rate, from 15% to 17%, will keep the Canadian rate well below the United States and below the average during Stephen Harper’s 10 years in office. Mr. Trudeau refuses to reverse Mr. Harper’s recent corporate tax cuts. He has chosen billions in deficits that unnecessarily burden future generations and put at risk the services families count on.

My plan will kick start the economy and help middle-class families today and for the long term. It is balanced and sustainable. Mr. Trudeau’s plan is not.

Tommy Douglas showed us all that when governments are focused and choose to live within their means, they can do great things. I am ready to bring change to Ottawa. And this fiscal plan will provide the blue print for building the Canada of our dreams.

Tom Mulcair Leader of Canada’s NDP