March 25th, 2016

What they’re saying about Tom Mulcair

“Mulcair holds the support of his caucus – with vocal praise from key members. Major union leaders are with him.”

– Tom Parkin, Postmedia

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“The NDP and the labour movement – we like fighters. We like people who are willing to stand up for values and Tom Mulcair really exemplifies that.”

– Mark Hancock, CUPE National President Read more.

“We need to push back in Parliament on behalf of all Canadians against a government that has already thrown aside so many of its solemn commitments to those same Canadians. And we need Tom Mulcair leading that fight.”

– Peter Julian, NDP House Leader Read more.

“Just like a professional hockey team that has lost the Stanley Cup final, we must thoroughly analyze the causes of the defeat, review our strategies, remobilize, remotivate ourselves – not part ways with the coach that got us there.”

– Robert Aubin, NDP Quebec Caucus Chair and Alexandre Boulerice, NDP Quebec Lieutenant Read more.

“His clear and principled path forward is the reason why I am supporting Tom as our leader.”

– Nathan Cullen, NDP Critic for Democratic Reform and the Environment Read more.

"I'm very confident in Tom Mulcair's leadership. Seeing him in the House of Commons, there is nobody [else] in the House that can be that progressive opposition … obviously the leader we need to achieve the aggressive goals that the Liberals outlined and campaigned on.”

— Cheryl Hardcastle, NDP MP Windsor—Tecumseh Read more.

“Vancouver Island NDP MPs want Mulcair to stay as leader.”

– Cindy E. Harnett, Times Colonist Read more.

“In Mr. Mulcair we have a leader whose tenacity and resolve enabled him to delegitimize Stephen Harper’s regime. Mr. Mulcair brings not only his wealth of talent to the table, but also the passion and determination necessary to advance the movement of social democracy in Canada.”

– Charles Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at McGill University Read more.

“In the simplest terms, I support Tom Mulcair because Tom Mulcair fights for good jobs.”

– Tracey Ramsey, NDP International Trade Critic Read more.

“I’ve supported Tom since he was elected, I supported him for the Leadership [in 2012] and I support him now.”

– Jack Harris, Former NDP MP for St. John’s East Watch.

“[Tom] put his confidence in me. He really encouraged me to get over this hump and just work hard.”

– Ruth Ellen Brosseau, NDP Agriculture Critic Read more.

“Tom has my support 100 per cent… I look forward to working closely with our leader to ensure the rights of workers and pensioners all across Canada.”

– Scott Duvall, NDP Pension Critic Read more.

"So, always I get the question 'are you going to support Tom as leader?' My answer, well-thought through and truly going with my gut, is yes! Tom is still the Tom we all saw in the lead, making us proud, working nonstop, travelling across Canada talking to people, and giving us all hope for change. Tom is still brilliant and he’s learned that he needs to be just that—the Tom we all saw and knew could make change in this country.”

— Constance Barnes, former NDP candidate for Vancouver Centre Read more.