August 31st, 2015

Up to 500 abused women & children are turned away from shelters each day—read Tom’s plan for change:

On a single night in April last year, more than 500 women and children who were fleeing violence were turned away from shelters across this country.

That’s unacceptable in a country like Canada. But Stephen Harper has consistently shown that ending violence against women and girls is not his priority. As Prime Minister, Tom Mulcair will take immediate, concrete action:

  • Restore the Shelter Enhancement Program, which was eliminated by Stephen Harper, and create or renovate hundreds of spaces.
  • Call an Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women within the first 100 days of an NDP government taking office.
  • Invest in affordable housing programs so that women and children fleeing violence can find a new place to call home.

It’s time for change in Ottawa – and it’s time for a government that will make it a priority to end violence against women.