Terms of Reference

Election 42 Campaign Review Terms of Reference

A working group has been established to assist in this process of collective consultation. The working group will help to ensure members and supporters from all regions are able to engage and contribute. Together, we will provide input and oversight to ensure the final report reflects the spirit of the feedback received, and that it includes concrete and constructive recommendations that respond to that feedback.

The working group has been formed to engage with a broad range of members and supporters to hear out how the campaign was experienced both locally and nationally. We are interested in hearing what worked, what didn’t and how we might move forward over the next four years. To this end we share the goal of offering concrete and constructive recommendations for the future. The final report will be an honest reflection of the feedback received from a broad range of members and supporters with a focus on these recommendations.

The process will seek to engage party members, supporters, activists, organizers, labour, party elders, current and former staff, defeated candidates and current caucus members.

The resulting report and recommendations will be presented to the executive no later than March 31st and will made available to membership shortly thereafter. The hope of the working group is that the incoming executive will work to implement these recommendations moving forward.

We acknowledge the importance of this work, and the challenging nature of the task at hand. Our collective priority will be to engage in good faith and provide an open platform for feedback. By no means is this working group the only vehicle for feedback moving forward, and we hope and expect that the review document and recommendations will encourage further dialogue. In that spirit we want to acknowledge the inherent value of the process itself and the dialogue it will encourage despite inevitable imperfections.

As per our constitution and party values, the working group will ensure a respectful and safe space, and will not tolerate harassment or abuse in any circumstance. Any persons engaging in harassing or abusive behaviour will be excluded from the process. Our work will proceed with a view to accessibility.

Working Group Members:

Raj Sihota
Trevor McKenzie-Smith
Mathieu Vick
Marit Stiles
Craig Sauve
Paul Moist
Paul Dewar
Tania Jarzebiak
Rebecca Blaikie (Chair, current Party President)

Staff Support:

Jenn Prosser
Rick Devereaux
Alexandra Morrison-Butler