Now the Banks want to charge you EXTRA for everyday transactions!

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While the NDP was successful in getting rid of pay-to-pay fees on your phone and internet bills, the Conservative government refused to crack down on their friends in the big banks.

Now Canada’s most profitable banks are adding new fees on all kinds of basic transactions. Making a credit card payment? That’ll be $2. A regular mortgage or student loan payment? Another dollar! What about using a new feature to pay with debit, like tapping your card. That’ll be another $2 please!

Banks are charging you extra just to pay for things with your own money. They’re making you pay to pay, and those fees can add up fast.

Pay-to-Pay Fees target middle class Canadians families already struggling to pay their bills and don’t have access to expensive premium bank accounts. Additionally some banks are raising the age to qualify for seniors’ discounts.

This is an obvious cash-grab, worth millions of dollars and it’s middle class Canadians as well as seniors, students, low income earners and new Canadians who are being stuck with the bill.

The NDP is calling on the Conservative Government to crack down on banks and prohibit these pay-to-pay fees.

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Petition to the House of Commons


  • Banking companies are introducing new ‘Pay-to-Pay’ fees on regular, everyday banking transactions;
  • These charges force consumers to pay an additional fee just so they can pay their bills, make a loan payment, or use the money in their accounts;
  • ‘Pay-to-Pay’ fees unfairly targets those who do not have access to expensive premium banks accounts;
  • Some banks are raising the age to qualify for seniors’ discounts;

WE THE UNDERSIGNED call upon the Government of Canada, to crack down on the use of pay-to-pay fees by Canada’s big banks.