Investing in the Arts

The NDP firmly believes the arts and culture sector is vital to our collective identity, and is an important driver of job creation and economic growth.

To strengthen Canada’s arts and culture sector, including reversing the damage Stephen Harper has inflicted on our public broadcaster, the NDP will:

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Restore funding cut from the CBC/Radio-Canada by the Harper government, and guarantee stable, predictable, multi-year financing to the public broadcaster.

Institute an independent appointment process for the CBC Board to ensure that it’s accountable to Canadians and delivering on its mandate as a core cultural institution, broadcasting Canada’s unique identities and linguistic realities.

Reinvest in core cultural institutions like the Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board.

Ensure Canadians continue to enjoy quality, diverse and local Canadian content on traditional broadcasting platforms.

Support our cultural industries in developing new international markets by providing embassies with appropriate cultural personnel and funding.

Support artists by implementing income tax averaging for artists and cultural workers.

Help Canadians preserve our heritage by restoring the National Archival Development Program.

Ensure that celebrations for Canada’s 150th anniversary are non-partisan and inclusive, and support Montreal’s 375th Anniversary Celebration.

Ensure that arts and culture are a pillar of Canada’s 150th anniversary by creating a special fund to support the creation, diffusion and promotion of Canadian content on digital platforms.

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