Tom Mulcair's plan to bring change to Ottawa

A vote for Tom Mulcair's NDP means:

  • Bringing in quality, affordable childcare.
  • Strengthening our public health care system.
  • Ensuring a cleaner environment by holding polluters accountable.
  • Kick-starting the economy and creating good jobs.

The NDP will ask profitable corporations to pay their fair share, and invest that money in childcare, pharmacare and health care.

The NDP will end unfair tax loopholes for CEOs, and invest that money to eliminate poverty.

The NDP will clean up Ottawa, and replace Stephen Harper’s culture of corruption and scandal with transparency and accountability.

Stephen Harper has done great damage to this country – we only have this chance to stop him.

Skills training

Investing in education

A secure retirement

Democratic reform

Arts and culture

A message from Tom

This election is about the country we want, the country of our dreams.

Canadians expect their Prime Minister to work hard each and every day to make life better for their families.

Leadership is about choices.

Our choices are based on our values.

From a young age, my parents taught me and my brothers and sisters the importance of living by your values.

These values are at the heart of who I am as a husband, a father and grandfather.

As your Prime Minister, I will wake up every day focused on building the country of our dreams.

Only the NDP is in a position to defeat Stephen Harper and form a more progressive government in Ottawa.

On October 19th, you can bring change to Ottawa.

I’m ready; let’s get started.

Tom Mulcair

Leader of Canada’s NDP

Our first 100 days

After Stephen Harper’s lost decade, we must take immediate steps to repair the damage he has done to our country.

I pledge to you that a New Democratic Party government will take immediate action to turn things around for our environment, for health care and for you by delivering leadership at home and on the world stage.

Improve your health care

We will immediately inform Canada’s premiers that Harper’s unilateral health cuts have been cancelled and begin work to develop a new health accord that will reduce waits for family doctors, create 5,000 new long-term care beds and lower prescription drug costs by 30%.

Step up to fight climate change

I will personally lead the Canadian delegation to the COP21 climate conference in Paris with firm targets to cut pollution, and bring in a home retrofit program to lower your household heating costs.

Create and protect good jobs

We will pass legislation to cut small business taxes to 9% – starting with one full point on January 1st – and fund priority transit and infrastructure projects to get people and the economy moving.

Make life more affordable for your family

We will take the first step towards our goal of universal, affordable childcare by immediately flowing funding for over 60,000 childcare spaces at no more than $15 a day. We will restore the age of retirement to 65, and introduce a new Consumer Protection Act to cap ATM fees and ensure Canadians have access to a low-interest credit card.

Make Ottawa work for you

We will call an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women, repeal Bill C-51 and introduce a new Accountability Act that will crack down on Senate expenses and bolster Conflict of Interest laws.

This is my commitment to you.

We will immediately bring change to Ottawa and implement our long-term plan. You can count on the NDP to:

Invest in better health care, starting with:

  • Helping five million Canadians with 7,000 more doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners and other health professionals in community clinics.
  • Lowering drug costs through a universal coverage plan.
  • Supporting people as they age by expanding home care to 41,000 more seniors and providing funding for 5,000 more nursing home beds.
  • Implementing national strategies on aging, and on Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Creating a youth mental health innovation fund to reduce wait times and improve access to care.
  • Tripling the paid leave available for Canadians who are too ill to work.
  • Supporting caregivers by expanding the compassionate care benefit so people can take up to six months paid leave to care for seriously ill loved ones.

Help your family get ahead and make life more affordable, starting with:

  • Helping working moms and dads with one million quality childcare spaces at no more than $15 a day.
  • Giving parents an extra five weeks of parental leave.
  • Cracking down on excessive ATM fees and ensuring Canadians can access a lowinterest credit card.
  • Speeding up family reunification, specifically the reunion of children with their parents.
  • Fast-tracking foreign credential recognition for immigrants. Increasing student grants and eliminating interest on student loans.
  • Creating 40,000 jobs, co-op placements and internships for youth.
  • Reinstating the federal minimum wage and raising it to $15 an hour.

Kick-start the economy and build needed infrastructure, starting with:

  • Cutting taxes for Canada’s job creators by reducing the small business tax from 11 to 9%.
  • Supporting innovation and investment in companies creating jobs in Canada, with an early focus on the aerospace, automotive, forestry and mining sectors.
  • Creating jobs and building our economy with $1.5 billion per year in new infrastructure funding to municipalities to fix roads, bridges and water treatment systems.
  • Investing $1.3 billion per year in a national strategy to improve transit and reduce gridlock.
  • Boosting investment in tourism.
  • Supporting regional economic development.
  • Helping retrofit over 50,000 homes and apartment buildings.
  • Investing in flood mitigation and disaster preparedness.

Guarantee retirement security and provide help where it’s needed most, starting with:

  • Securing a better retirement for all Canadians by expanding the CPP/QPP.
  • Eliminating CEO stock option loopholes, and reinvesting the money to eliminate child poverty.
  • Increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement to help lift 200,000 seniors out of poverty, and returning the retirement age from 67 to 65.
  • Restoring home mail delivery.
  • Creating an action plan to end violence against women, increasing shelter funding and launching an inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women.
  • Ensuring youth participation in sports with funding to support low-income and disadvantaged youth.
  • Taking action to close the pay gap between men and women.
  • Fixing the Nutrition North food program, and investing in clean energy to get Northern communities off diesel.
  • Providing support to train and hire 2,500 more front-line police officers, and investing in crime prevention and anti-gang programs for youth.

Take leadership to build a better Canada, starting with:

  • Working with the provinces and territories, and recognizing their efforts already underway, to develop a pan-Canadian cap-and-trade program to stop climate change.
  • Establishing a true Nation to Nation relationship with Indigenous communities, and closing the education gap for Indigenous youth.
  • Bolstering food and rail safety regulations and enforcement.
  • Investing $454 million to give our veterans the respect and support they deserve.
  • Restoring Canadians’ rights by repealing Bill C-51.
  • Ensuring everyone’s vote matters by bringing in proportional representation for elections.
  • Giving the Parliamentary Budget Officer independent authority, and creating a Parliamentary Science Officer.