April 24th, 2014

NDP launching a campaign to save the CBC

Today, New Democrats are launching a campaign to pressure Conservatives to ensure the long-term survival of the CBC.

“The difficulties the CBC is currently facing are a direct consequence of the Conservative’s austere cuts over the last few years,” said New Democrat Heritage critic Pierre Nantel (Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher). “They absolutely need to acknowledge that our Crown Corporation is fragile, and change course to come to save it.”

As the first step of this campaign in support of our public broadcaster, Pierre Nantel has invited Canadians to sign the NDP’s online petition and let Stephen Harper’s Conservatives know that they are standing up for the CBC.

“It’s only the beginning,” said Nantel. “There’s no way the NDP will stand idly by while the Conservatives dismantle this Canadian institution. Other initiatives will follow in the coming weeks.”

Over the next few days, Canadians will feel the effects of these cuts as their favourite shows get cut from programming.

“When even renowned shows like Enquête are losing journalists, it shows that our public service provider is feeling the effects,” said Nantel.

The online petition is available at http://petition.ndp.ca/stand-up-for-the-CBC.