Conservatives vote against making Question Period more relevant

The Conservatives don’t believe that Canadians deserve truthful, clear answers and have voted to kill an NDP motion to improve Question Period.

“By opposing our motion, the Conservatives have said to Canadians that the government doesn’t have to answer their questions regardless of how legitimate they are. This is quite disappointing,” said NDP House Leader, Peter Julian (Burnaby – New Westminster).


Cancer survivors deserve better access to EI

In the wake of a study showing that cancer survivors earn less and are less likely to be employed, the NDP is calling on the federal government to stop blocking Canadians who need income supports like Employment Insurance (EI).

“EI is a safety net designed to protect workers and their families. It is cruel for the Conservatives to block Canadian workers from accessing a fund that they paid into, especially when they are suffering and need it most,” said NDP Health critic Libby Davies (Vancouver East).  


Conservatives can make Question Period more relevant

Today, Conservative MPs will have the chance to listen to Canadians and vote to improve the tone in Parliament and ensure Question Period can also be known as Answer Period. 

“Canadians expect their government to be respectful and clear on issues like why our soldiers are being sent into a conflict half a world away. Canadians are tired of the buffoonery and personal attacks, like we saw last week,” said NDP House Leader, Peter Julian (Burnaby – New Westminster). 


Conservative Question Period mantra – show up if you can…at least when the boss is around!

In responding to the NDP proposal to make government responses to questions relevant in the House of Commons, government House Leader Peter Van Loan had the following to say:

"Canada has the most accountable question period in the world, where the entire ministry [cabinet] must be available any day to respond to questions asked without advance notice.”
– Peter Van Loan , Ottawa Citizen, September 27, 2014


NDP calls on government to support rights and freedoms in Hong Kong

Official Opposition Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) made the following statement on the situation in Hong Kong:    


NDP to force vote on Question Period relevance

The NDP is using its opposition day to put forward a proposal to enhance the daily Question Period, make Parliament more democratic and ensure that future governments will not be able to use tricks to evade giving Canadians answers.

“Members of Parliament have a responsibility to make this place work. If the Speaker doesn’t feel he has the power to compel Ministers to stay relevant, Members of Parliament must respond to his call and give him the necessary power. Canadians deserve real answers‎,” said NDP House Leader, Peter Julian (Burnaby – New Westminster).


Conservatives to shut down debate for the 76th and 77th times?

Some conservatives might feel good about supporting Michael Chong’s bill last night, but they’ll line up today to shut down debate on two bills.

As they say: go with what you know. Let’s check the all-time-leader board.

And the gold for failure goes to….



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