Canada must support UN humanitarian efforts in Gaza

As Canadians continue to be shocked by the mounting casualties and severe humanitarian need in the Gaza Strip, the NDP is calling on the Conservative government to support United Nations humanitarian efforts.

“The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is critical,” NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) wrote today in a letter to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird. “Canada has an opportunity and a responsibility to help.”


Statement by the NDP on the crash of flight AH5017 ‎

"Today, our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who were on flight
AH5017. It is with great sorrow that we learned that the Canadian victims
included a woman and her children from the Outaouais region. We offer our
sincere condolences to the relatives of the victims."


Conservatives cut EI benefits as unemployment climbs

A significant drop in the number of people receiving Employment Insurance benefits, even as unemployment rises, shows that Conservative EI cuts are taking their toll, according to the NDP.

“The Conservatives are cutting more and more people off EI benefits even as the need is growing,” said NDP critic for Employment Insurance Robert Aubin (Trois-Rivières). “The EI system is supposed to help workers in their time of need, but Conservative cuts mean far too many Canadians are losing access to that support.”


NDP hails CRTC move to examine ‘pay-to-pay’ billing fees

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is the latest body to respond to the growing outrage over fees that are charged to customers monthly just to receive their bills in the mail.

After discovering that many telecom and broadcast companies are charging anywhere between $0.99 and $5.95 per month, the CRTC announced plans to summon these companies to defend the use of such fees.


Statement by the Leader of the Official Opposition regarding the Black July Pogrom

“Today, New Democrats’ thoughts are with the Tamil community in Canada and around the world as we commemorate Black July.

We remember the hundreds of Tamils who were killed and the thousands who were displaced when their homes and businesses were destroyed in Sri Lanka from the violence that ensued from the pogroms targeting Tamils that began on July 23, 1983. The perpetrators and organizers of the violence have never been held accountable for their actions.


Statement by NDP leader Tom Mulcair on situation in the Middle East

“Millions of innocent civilians have been caught in the line of fire in the Middle East, and hundreds have been killed in recent days. New Democrats are deeply concerned about the situation. This is a time for the international community to play an active role in securing a ceasefire.


NDP marks opening of the 6th Canadian Francophone Games

“This is the one of the most important gatherings of young Francophones in Canada, and we are proud that Gatineau has been chosen to host this year’s event. We would like to congratulate the organizing committee for their amazing work, along with the hundreds of devoted volunteers that make the event possible. Best of luck to all participants. 


Did the Liberals read the Parliament of Canada Act?

As the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) is scheduled to meet this afternoon, the Liberals plan to yet again team up with the Conservatives and attack the NDP. Their argument is as clear as mud: the NDP shouldn’t have broken a rule… that was created out of thin air last spring… and now applies retroactively.



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