REALITY CHECK: two-thirds of Canadians not invited to justin trudeau’s tax cut buffet

The Liberals took over a diner to hype their so-called middle class tax break, but it turns out that people earning the median –in other words the people in the middle – weren’t invited to the party and won’t benefit. 

The bottom two-thirds of all those who file taxes will get nothing at all – while the biggest benefits will go to the people near the top.

Trudeau’s tax plan excludes everyone who doesn’t reach the second tax bracket – and unfortunately, that accounts for the large majority of Canadians.


NDP calling for action on Deschamps Report

New Democrats are calling for senior defence staff to appear at committee following last week’s shocking report from former Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps about sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces.


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Statement by the NDP on World Press Freedom Day

NDP Heritage critic Pierre Nantel (Longueuil–Pierre-Boucher) made the following statement today on World Press Freedom Day:


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Overheard this week: “Momentum swinging in Mulcair’s favour”

As Tom Mulcair hits the road to share his plan to strengthen the middle class, support for that NDP vision is up across the country. Here’s some of what was overheard this week:

Four years after the Orange Wave in Quebec, NDP support remains strong – with “momentum swinging in Mulcair’s favour”.


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