Energy East pipeline: New Democrats reiterate call for environmental protection and community consultation

As TransCanada files its application for the Energy East pipeline, New Democrats are reiterating the vital importance of a fair, rigorous and open project review process.


NDP introduces landmark environmental rights bill

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is proud to second groundbreaking legislation introduced by Linda Duncan (Edmonton-Strathcona), an Environmental Bill of Rights to legally enshrine environmental rights for Canadians and the duty of the federal government to take action to protect the environment.


Swifter, more robust action needed on rail safety

A year and a half after the Lac-Mégantic tragedy, the Conservative government has finally decided to enact the Transportation Safety Board’s (TSB) recommendations. However, the measures announced today should have been implemented years ago. 

Furthermore, Conservatives still haven’t honoured their commitment to rectify shortcomings with safety inspections and rail safety compliance measures.


Conservative EI hypocrisy jumps the shark

For years the Conservatives have struggled with the notion that money in the Employment Insurance fund belongs not to the government, but to the workers and employers who pay into it.

That’s why this ironic exchange at Finance Committee yesterday turned a few heads:

Mark Adler (CPC MP, York Centre): Who owns the money in the EI Account?

Armine Yalnizyan (CCPA): Workers and employers.


Badge: ByElection McAuliffe Whitby-Oshawa EN


Statement by Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair on the Islamic New Year

The leader of the New Democratic Party made the following statement on the Islamic New Year:

“The beginning of the new Islamic year is a commemoration of the moment that the prophet Mohammed left mecca with a handful of disciples to escape persecution and to found a pious community in which all citizens would be equal.  

“On this 1st day of the sacred month of Muharram, Muslims in Canada and around the world are preparing to observe fast and pray for peace, human solidarity and a better fate for the least fortunate.  


Open letter from Tom Mulcair to the Muslim community

Dear Friends,

This has been a difficult and sombre week in Canada. We were all shocked by the terrible and violent events in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and in our nation’s capital, and we are united in mourning the deaths of two Canadian soldiers. We will not forget them and join with the Muslim community in sending our heartfelt condolences to their family and friends.


Statement on arrest in Halifax

NDP Deputy Leader Megan Leslie made the following statement:

 After yesterday’s tragic and traumatic events in Ottawa, this news is especially disturbing. However, it demonstrates that our law enforcement and first responders are on high alert across our country, and are ready to take swift action in order to protect the safety of Canadians.  On behalf of the NDP, I extend my sincere gratitude to these women and men.


Speech by Thomas Mulcair on shooting at Parliament Hill and War Memorial

My fellow Canadians, Today, the peace of our nation’s capital was shattered by an act of hatred and brutality. A cowardly act, designed to strike at the very heart of our democracy— at the heart of who we are.

NDP statement on shooting at Parliament Hill and War Memorial

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's Principal Secretary, Karl Bélanger, made the following statement:

 “This morning’s horrifying attack has shocked all Canadians and shattered the peace of our nation’s capital. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the soldier killed and the people who were injured, and we are deeply grateful for the soldiers and law enforcement officials who quickly and courageously protected the public today.



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