June 11th, 2014

A year later, Conservatives and Liberals are still happy to have a secretive Board of Internal Economy

Last June, the NDP proposed eliminating the secretive Board of Internal Economy and replacing it with an arm’s length body, free of political interference. Liberals and Conservatives first supported this change – then killed it when the public’s attention was diverted.

As the NDP said in its minority report to the Procedure and House Affairs Committee:

“The NDP stands firmly with the Auditor General in believing that an independent oversight body to replace the [Board of Internal Economy’s] role as regards MP expenses is a needed part of the efforts to bring transparency to MP expense reporting. Canadians will have greater confidence in the accuracy of expense rules and approvals if the responsible body is independent of MPs, rather than being like the BOIE where MPs are required to police themselves. An independent oversight body would be accountable to the Canadian public whereas the BOIE is accountable only to Members of Parliament.”

And now you can see why they opposed that change. Instead of a Board that is accountable to citizens, Liberals and Conservatives are more than happy to have a secretive body that can be used as a kangaroo court.

After ganging up with the Conservatives behind closed doors, Trudeau suddenly wants transparency? That's not credible.

Canadians deserve better.