January 21st, 2014

Will the Conservatives condemn Brian Jean?

During his farewell to federal politics tour, ex-Conservative MP Brian Jean said that oil sands development should be slowed down to ensure a better quality of life in Fort McMurray.

Following Conservative logic, here is an exclusive statement by members on Brian Jean to be read by a Conservative backbencher the day the House returns (the NDP bets $2 on Jacques Gourde):

Mr. Speaker, The former member for Fort McMurray-Athabasca seems to have forgotten that he was elected for the Prime Minister, not for himself. He demonstrated just how disconnected his socialist vision is from the average Albertan by proposing to slow down oil sands development in Fort McMurray. This proposal is an insult to all hard-working Albertans. By refusing to create jobs, Brian Jean is condemning thousands of Canadian children to getting lumps of coal for Christmas. He’d probably prefer to triple the taxes of honest Canadians, inflate bureaucracy, and put honest farmers in prison. What will be the next step for “I want to kill the economy with my own hands” Brian Jean? Proposing a 21 billion dollar carbon tax that will destroy families, forcing the Maple Leafs to move to Kansas City or reducing the Rocky Mountains to dust? Our Prime Minister – who one day killed a bear just by looking at it – will protect us from the irresponsible policies of this MP, who will plunge us into a worse crisis than the crash of 1929.