June 19th, 2017

Who speaks up for Quebec in the Liberal Party?

The Liberals have been in power for 18 months, and the government has yet to present a concrete plan to defend the interests of Quebecers. According to the NDP’s Quebec caucus, this government is showing a great deal of disrespect towards Quebec on a number of issues, particularly by rejecting out of hand Philippe Couillard’s request to have a conversation about Quebec’s place in Canada.

“During the electoral campaign, Justin Trudeau promised Quebec a 'real partnership',” says Alexandre Boulerice, the NDP’s Quebec Lieutenant, "but obviously there is no equal relationship between Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Couillard. The relationship between Quebec and Ottawa is as stormy as it ever was.”

There is no shortage of examples to show the Trudeau government has very little concern for the opinion of Quebecers: a delayed reaction to help the softwood industry; a lack of compensation for the Quebec dairy industry following CETA negotiations; inaction in fighting tax havens and making sure corporations pay their fair share (the NDP is still fighting tax havens, including a debate in the House to close tax loopholes); possible interference with Quebec’s jurisdiction due to the creation of the infamous Infrastructure privatization Bank; and requiring Quebec to accept less for health care funding.

Since the Liberals formed government, many have been wondering who is standing up for Quebec around Trudeau's Cabinet table”, said Mr. Boulerice. “It's clear that the Prime Minister, who self-anointed himself the General for Quebec, is completely missing in action."