December 9th, 2015

What will you get from the Liberal tax cut?

Nearly 70% of Canadians – including middle-income earners – won’t receive any benefit under the Liberal government’s “middle class tax cut”. Meanwhile people making between $90,000 and $200,000 will get the maximum amount.

So who wins and who loses under the Liberal plan?

We crunched the numbers from the Government of Canada Job Bank to see who will benefit


Average Salary

Total Benefit from Tax Cut

Office Clerk






Social Service workers



Fish Plant worker






Waiters (like those at the diner where Trudeau launched the plan)



Prime Minister’s Nanny



Prime Minister’s Chef Assistant

$39,998 - $43,363


Bank Manager






Member of Parliament



Parliamentary Secretary



Chief Government Whip



Unfortunately this tax plan doesn’t add up for tens of millions of Canadians.

The NDP has proposed to modify the tax cut so that 90% of Canadians will benefit including hard-working Canadians left behind by the Liberal plan.

Do the Liberals still believe that better is possible?