What they’re saying about Tom Mulcair’s performance at the leaders’ debate

OTTAWA - NDP Leader Tom Mulcair brought his Campaign for Change to the TVA Debate. Tom won the debate hands down and the pundits agree.

Here is what people are saying:

I make it Mulcair, Trudeau, Harper. I’ll leave to others where to place Duceppe as every time he was on he made me want to break something.

Mulcair just dinged 'em a good one.

Commend NDP leader Mulcair on talking about  #MMIW #elxn42 #AFN #faceafacetva #Closethegap

Mulcair, meanwhile, is definitely coming out swinging here vs. both Trudeau and Harper.

Mulcair: You voted for Harpers budgets. I didn't. You voted for C-51. I didn't.

Feisty Mulcair. Here he is.

-       Justin Ling, VICE

 Mulcair really destroyed Trudeau's "Harper's budget" talking point, effectively tied Trudeau to Harper on policy after policy #faceafaceTVA

Boom, boom, boom, @ThomasMulcair calls a pile of #CPC MPs racists, namely Miller and Williamson.

-       David Akin, Sun Media

Harper and Duceppe in a pitched battle and Mulcair moves in as the reasoned voice. He's done that a couple of times.

WOAH Mulcair links the niqab ban to missing and murdered indingeuous women. He's gone from zero to hero on this.

-       Justin Ling, VICE

I'd give that round to Mulcair on points, at least compared to his previous debates: no temper, and that vote-for-CPC-budget thing hurt

-       Paul Wells, Macleans

Mulcair 5, Harper 4

That’s why more and more Canadians are putting their trust in Tom Mulcair to bring change to Ottawa.


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