September 25th, 2015

What they’re saying about Tom Mulcair’s performance at the leaders’ debate

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair brought his Campaign for Change to the Leader’s Debate – and won.

Here is what people are saying:

Mulcair seems very strong so far, animated and sincere. Still waiting for Trudeau to show some spirit instead of speaking notes #elxn42

45 minutes in, I’m saying Mulcair looks fine holding his lead. Duceppe? Meh. Harper’s fine. Trudeau. Meh.

Mulcair is so at ease. Not sure if Anglos can see this but he's definitely the most comfortable. #debatdeschefs

In terms of body language, Mulcair looks wonderful tonight, imho

The spin cycle begins. On Radio Canada influential columnist Michel David says Mulcair looked strong and Trudeau looked weak.

Mulcair artfully ties Bill C-51 to the War Measures Act. Trudeau is too tall to hide under the dais. #elxn42

I suspect Trudeau is gonna have a hell of a time during the Munk debate... LPC foreign policy is a bit of a mess, esp if you count C-51.

Economic debate is lively exchange between Mulcair & Harper. Trudeau stymied by his repetition of "the plan" without engaging in real debate

#CBC missed the best point of the Niqab debate from Mulcair. If you think Muslim women are oppressed, why would you take their rights?

That’s why more and more Canadians are putting their trust in Tom Mulcair to bring change to Ottawa.