February 18th, 2014

What does the $72,000 in relocation costs for General Leslie mean?

  • Average annual pension for a retired Canadian Forces Member: $25,942
  • Average annual pension for a disabled Canadian Forces Member: $22,228
  • Peter MacKay's helicopter ride from a fishing vacations and flight: $153,000
  • Average annual pension for retired RCMP member: $38,809
  • Average annual pension for disabled RCMP member: $29,454
  • Average old age security payment: $6,176.88

And keep in mind the case Major Marcus Brauer of Halifax. He had to move from Alberta to Halifax, and found it so expensive he had to sell family heirlooms. The Canadian Forces capped his relocation costs at $15,000. Appeals to the previous Minister and going public got no result for Major Brauer.

It’s time that Liberals and Conservatives took responsibility for the entitlements they claim as Ottawa insiders. It’s time to apply not, just the rules, but a bit of common sense.

Canadians deserve better.