May 14th, 2014

Veterans Affairs’ Twitter account is as relevant as Veterans Affairs Minister

You might have heard that Veterans Affairs spent $100,000 to promote tweets last year. What you might not know is how relevant Veterans Affairs tweets are. Retweets of other departments or ministers, asking people to take selfies, asking for a retweet, or bad translations, it’s all in there. See for yourself.

RT @economicplan: Since the depths of the recession, #Canada has led the G7 in job creation. #EAP14 #Showyouremember the life-changing accomplishments of Veterans with a retweet Know a Veteran? Take their picture and share it on Instagram Je suis honoré & touché pour rendre mes hommages au Cimetière de guerre canadien d’Agira hier @OpHusky2013

Like NDP MP and Veterans Critic Peter Stoffer said, “you don’t need to tweet, you just need to hug a veteran and thank them for their service and thank their families and thank the current military. Buy them a drink, for God’s sake.”

Canadians deserve better. And veterans deserve hugs and better support, not tweets and budget cuts.