June 1st, 2017

Trump pulls out of Paris Accord while Trudeau fails to deliver on Canada's commitments

Report slams the government for keeping only 28% of its promises to municipalities to fight climate change

OTTAWA – Linda Duncan, NDP Critic for Environment and Climate Change is calling on the Liberals to move beyond talk and take action on its promised support to Canada’s municipalities to address climate change. Duncan’s comments are in response to today’s report by the Columbia Institute’s Centre for Civic Governance that only 28% of the government’s promised actions to support local climate change initiatives have been delivered.

“On the day that Donald Trump pulls out of the Paris Agreement, we have more evidence that Justin Trudeau is failing to meet Canada’s commitments to fight climate change,” said Duncan. “This report highlights that Liberals have failed to establish scientific GHG targets aligned with the Paris Agreement, are dragging their feet on eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and have failed to prioritize community and Indigenous-owned renewable energy projects.”

Many communities, including Indigenous and Northern communities, who already experience the negative impacts of climate change, are also asking why the delay to the promised investments in an energy transition.

"Even the promised funding for provincial and territorial initiatives under the PanCanadian agreement have been held back," pointed out Duncan. "What are they waiting for? It’s one thing for the US to pull out of the Paris Agreement it’s another thing for Canada, under the Liberals, to remain and fail to deliver."