September 30th, 2015

Trudeau won’t fix the damage done to healthcare by Stephen Harper

Today, NDP Candidate Murray Rankin (Victoria) said that today’s announcement by Justin Trudeau does nothing to fix the damage done to our healthcare system after ten years of Stephen Harper.

“Healthcare is a critical issue for Canadians from coast to coast,” said Rankin. “After ten years of Stephen Harper, our healthcare system is under serious pressure. Unfortunately, despite Mr. Trudeau’s rhetoric, he has decided not to reverse the damage done by Stephen Harper by choosing not to restore the 6% health-care escalator -- it’s an approach that will only lead to cuts down the line”.

Mr. Trudeau’s announcement, falls far short of the $4.8 billion needed to meet the 6% health-care escalator, which is a critical component of addressing the challenges of a modern health-care system.

“You can't restore federal leadership on healthcare, or have a meaningful conversation with the provinces if cuts are the first thing on the table,” said Rankin. “There’s only $1.36 billion unspent in total in year four of the Liberal fiscal plan for all unannounced items, even if he put all of that towards healthcare, that’s far less than the $2.5 billion needed just to meet the health-care escalator. Mr. Trudeau’s approach maintains the Harper cuts -- how can you repair the damage done by Stephen Harper when you’re continuing his cuts?”

The NDP has made significant announcements addressing the serious challenges our healthcare system faces, including, the need for more doctors and nurses, investments in palliative care, helping the 1 in 4 Canadian households that can’t afford their prescription drugs.