October 1st, 2015

Trudeau should repay money brought in by Liberal fundraiser facing OPP charges: NDP

In the wake of last week’s OPP charges against Liberal fundraiser, Gerry Lougheed Jr., NDP Candidate Paul Loewenberg (Sudbury) is calling on Justin Trudeau to pay back funds brought into his campaign by Mr. Lougheed.

In a letter, Mr. Loewenberg says that the parallels between the Harper-Novak-Duffy scandal and the Wynne-Sorbara-Lougheed scandal cannot be ignored.

“Your party called for Conservatives to repay money raised by Mr. Duffy following his criminal charges, and I am calling on you to apply the same standard to your own campaign,” Loewenberg said.

Loewenberg also called on Trudeau to join the NDP in calling for both Ray Novak and Pat Sorbara to be fired for their roles in relation to each set of charges.

“Will you apply the same ethical stand to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, as you have to Stephen Harper, and call on Wynne to fire her deputy chief of staff for her alleged involvement in the events that led to Lougheed’s charges?” Loewenberg asked.