April 23rd, 2014

Trudeau not as transparent as he wants us to believe

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau promised two things: open nominations for Liberal candidates and complete transparency with the Press Gallery. It quickly became clear that his first promise wouldn’t be respected. But we now know that both of them were false promises.

Toronto Star reporter Susan Delacourt noted that in 30 years of attending Liberal Party conventions, this year was the first convention without any closing media availability from the leader.

Although Trudeau is visiting Trinity—Spadina this morning, he decided to limit the contact with journalists and only do a photo-op. Just like Stephen Harper, the Liberal leader is hiding from the media. Maybe he’s being protected from his repeated gaffes in front of the cameras?

Last month, the Parliamentary Press Gallery passed a unanimous motion to reserve the right to ask questions during photo-ops. Will Trudeau respect the freedom of press and answer their questions?

Canadians deserve a truly transparent leader. They deserve better.