October 15th, 2015

Trudeau must take clear position on TPP

The NDP is welcoming new Canadian social and labour organizations joining others in demanding Justin Trudeau make his views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) clear to Canadians before Election Day.

The open letter comes from leading civil society organizations including the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Council of Canadians, Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions the Canadian Health Coalition and others.

“Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are once again trusting Stephen Harper’s judgment on what’s good for Canada,” said NDP candidate Erin Selby (Saint Boniface—Saint Vital). “We know this deal will be bad for Canadians and, before we go to the polls on Monday, Mr. Trudeau must take a position on the TPP.”

The Conservatives negotiated the TPP agreement in secrecy and without a mandate. The TPP will drive up the cost of life saving drugs and slow down the introduction of generic drugs to the market.

“This secretive trade deal will make life-saving drugs more expensive and make things harder for thousands of Canadian families,” continued Selby. “Only Tom Mulcair and NDP have a concrete plan to make prescription drugs in Canada more affordable and invest in Canadian health care.”