October 8th, 2015

Trudeau knows one thing about TPP: his caucus won’t have a say

The Liberal leader hasn’t been able to say where he stands on TPP, but made it clear his caucus will be whipped for the vote

Despite a determined effort to avoid answering the question, Justin Trudeau ended up spilling the beans on his plan to suppress any opposition to Harper’s TPP from his next caucus.

When asked whether or not the potential vote on the TPP would be a free vote, Trudeau slammed the door:

“…people would be expected to vote with the Liberal party.” (October 7 in London, ON)

At least 2 Liberal MPs in southern Ontario have joined the chorus of those who don’t trust Stephen Harper’s TPP.

It is now clear that voters in southern Ontario that only an NDP MP would be able to protect their best interests.