August 11th, 2014

Justin Trudeau: I’m going to be such a good Prime Minister! (NB: Child care and First Nations not included)

In an interview Justin Trudeau conducted with the Vancouver Sun, journalist Peter O’Neil noted:

“Trudeau said a new Liberal government couldn’t pledge at this point to re-introduce the $5 billion Kelowna Accord for First Nations development, or the national child care plan, both brought in by the Liberal government of Paul Martin.”

Remember those programs? The ones Liberals claimed they would implement in the remaining few days of their government in 2006?

Those Liberal priorities aren’t Justin Trudeau’s priorities.

What has Trudeau committed to?

He is 100% committed to keeping the Conservatives drastic corporate tax cuts in place, and pushing through Stephen Harper’s plan for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Canadians deserve better – and people know that Tom Mulcair has the experience and leadership to hold Stephen Harper to account and deliver progressive, common sense solutions for issues people are facing every day.