September 26th, 2015

Trudeau has maxed out his $10b credit card, so what will he cut?

Liberal spending adds up to much more than $10B over budget per year; and questions are piling up too

Justin Trudeau maxed his $10 billion deficit credit card weeks ago, and his spending ‘commitments’ continue to pile up along with the questions about how he’s going to pay for them.

Canadians would be forgiven for questioning whether they can count on the Liberal leader to deliver, especially given his record of inconsistent convictions and his lack of experience.

Unaccounted costing for Trudeau commitments include:

  • Restoring Canada Health Transfer
  • Early Learning and Childcare
  • Shipbuilding
  • Replacing CF-18s
  • Canada Infrastructure Bank
  • Fee-elimination at national parks
  • Electric vehicle charging facilities and e-vehicles
  • Access to Information processing fees
  • Parliamentary Budget Officer and other Officers of Parliament
  • Canada Revenue Agency Overhaul
  • …and lots more

And on September 16, Liberal candidate John McCallum, said that the Liberal costing would only be made public “after they’ve made all of their promises.”

Justin Trudeau's plan has nothing left to deliver on the priorities of middle class families, like healthcare and childcare. Canadians deserve better.