July 7th, 2015

Trade deficit grows as Conservative economic plan continues to unravel

A growing trade deficit is the latest evidence that the Conservatives’ economic plan just isn’t working – leaving Canadian exporters falling behind and costing the country jobs.

“Our economy relies on international trade but, after a decade in power, the Conservatives keep posting record trade deficits,” said NDP Trade Critic Don Davies (Vancouver-Kingsway). “While the Conservatives posture and boast about signing even the tiniest trade deal, exports are actually falling and Canadian companies are suffering for it.”

Canada’s trade deficit for May is the second largest on record and the cumulative trade deficit for 2015 is the highest ever – surpassing the record set by the Conservatives in 2009.

“Ultimately it is Canadian families that are paying the price for Stephen Harper’s failure,” added Davies. “Conservative mismanagement is hurting our trade performance and costing Canadians their jobs.”